Quotes I have known Mr. Zecir Kodroli for about 7 years, meeting him soon after arriving in Portland, OR with his family. I found him to be trustworthy, conscientious and a highly ethical person. Over the years I have employed Zecir to do various jobs on my farm, building, gardening, cleaning and painting, completing each task to a high degree of excellence. I would highly recommend Mr. Kodroli as a person able to fulfill the requirements for providing cleaning services for your company. Quotes
Joseph Schreiber
Satisfied Customer

Quotes We hired Z & H Janitorial Services in October and they started work in early November 2009. We have been extremely happy with their work. Our building is cleaner than it has ever been, and Zack has gone the extra mile in helping us get the general condition of our work space back up to the level it should always be. Beyond that, he is very knowledgeable about his work, and I feel confident in his advice about various projects as they apply to our specific needs. I find him to be very responsive as well, readily available to answer any questions I may have. We have been very satisfied with his work, and look forward to a long relationship with him. Quotes
Richard Nitti
Executive Director, Neighborhood House

Quotes I have used their cleaning service for years and have found them to be highly efficient and professional. I would recommend them for all your cleaning needs. Quotes
Michelle Lockhart
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I have been so impressed with Zecir's work! His attention to the details and work ethic is noteworthy. Everything that he does he takes pride in and makes sure it looks spectacular. One person once said to me, "There is a cleanliness standard and then there is a Zecir standard!." It is without hesitation that I recommend Zecir - you won't be disappointed! Quotes
Beaverton School District

Quotes I have known Zecir for the last 3 years through work. He is a custodian at the Beaverton School District. He is a very kind and caring man who takes pride in his own business and his job with Beaverton. He is a family man who runs a great family business. He goes the extra mile in making our school clean and equipment running smooth. He is a good leader who gets his employees that work with him to keep the school looking beautiful. He is the most conscientious person who will take time and detail to keep your business or home looking sharp. I appreciate him very much for all he does at our school, and I know you will appreciate him for what he does for you in the future. Quotes
Jon Onishi
Beaverton School District Teacher

Quotes I have known Zecir and his wife Hamid since they arrived with their family from Kosovo in 2003. They are both hardworking and industrious people. Zecir not only learned the English language, obtaining his driver's license but persisted in his job earch until he found employment, first as a contact custodian with the Portland School District and now as an employee with the Beaverton School District. He has high recommendations from his employers. They then built a home for their family with the help of Habitat for Humanity. No longer refugees they are upstanding citizens of our community. I would highly recommend them for their janitorial services. You won't be disappointed! Quotes
Robert LeChevallier